voltage phase sequence protection device/PLC output zoom Board / motor integrated protection device


GINRI POWER AUTOMATION CO.,LTD. is a professional production voltage phase sequence protection device (and name: three-phase power monitor), and PLC output zoom Board, and smart type motor integrated protection device, and industrial parts manufacturers, technology development team in elevator industry, and refrigeration industry, and crane industry, environmental equipment, mechanical NC industry and the industrial following insurance industry, field has more than 10 years practice experience, has development out variety price economic and function excellent of products. CQC product quality system by China Quality Centre (3C) certification and CE certification, products in the manufacturing process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality assurance system requirements and professional technical and service support.Voltage phase-sequence protection for many years (equipment, refrigeration equipment, crane (passenger and goods) elevators, control of DC power supply system (Cabinet) screens, precision air conditioners, room air conditioners, electric hoist, boiler equipment, laser equipment, parking equipment, cranes, compressors) and so on using the run.PLC output amplifiers (environmental protection equipment, numerical control and automation equipment, automobile, plastic machinery, hydraulic machinery, ceramic foam machinery, woodworking machinery, machinery) and so on using the run.Years of integrated Intelligent motor protector (power plants, paper mills, steel mills, aluminium plants, cement plants, sewage treatment plants, coal preparation plants, refineries, petrochemical plants), and so on using the run.Product quality is stable and safe, reliable, and earned a solid market position in the market and a high reputation in the industry, received unanimous recognition and praise of our customers.Ginri company always adhere to "scientific management as the core, the user needs for the Centre to focus on product quality, meticulous service is sincere," the spirit of enterprise, please call us from all walks of life, thank you!